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Best-in-Class Antibodies (BICABs) Platform

Affordability and equal access to biologics are a high unmet need

Biologics are the fastest-growing drugs in the U.S.12 as they are remarkably
effective in treating illnesses, ranging from autoimmune diseases to cancer. In the
U.S. only 2% of patients using biologics driving 40% of all pharmaceutical spending.
An analysis by Avalere Health shows that an additional 1.2 million U.S. patients
could gain access to biologics by 2025 as the result of biosimilar availability with
equality of access and benefit for women, lower income, and elderly individuals.

Bio-better is an improved adaptation of the originator biologic therapy


  • Bio-betters and biosimilars are both follow-on biologics with differences:
    Biosimilars are highly similar to their reference product, with no clinically significant
    differences from the originator product.
  • Biobetters are an improved adaptation of the originator biologic drug, resulting from
    altering the product's safety/efficacy profiles leading to improved clinical effects such
    as enhanced tolerability, less frequent dosing, expanded patient population etc.

A robust and scalable biotherapeutic production engine