What We Do

Best-in-Class Antibodies (BICABs) Platform

Design BICABs

  • Redesigned, high-value mABs with state-of-the-art knowledge and technology
  • Differentiated by better functional ability / reduced toxicity (safer for more patients)
  • Optimized for high-yield manufacturability (low COGs)
  • Target antibodies in this area include products for oncology/inflammation indications with HIGH market potential

Leverage strategic cell development and manufacturing partnerships

  • GMP cell banking
  • GMP small to mid-scale manufacturing (bioreactors/purification)

A robust and scalable biotherapeutic production engine

Future Plans

  • Set up PraNa lab capable of generating material for analytical testing up to toxicology studies
  • Generate proof of best-in-class capabilities using our proprietary platform to generate BiCABs