Gary Maier, PhD

VP Clinical Development

Gary acquired his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Buffalo and has over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience. He is an accomplished senior pharmaceutical industry executive with diverse experience especially in clinical pharmacology and allied fields of drug development. While at Sepracor he built a state the art clinical pharmacology department, comprised of bioanalytical sciences, ADME and clinical pharmacokinetics/modeling and simulation. He has been involved in and responsible for the successful submission of numerous NDA’s, sNDA’s and regulatory briefing documents, across a broad array of therapeutics areas. Over the course of his career he has held increasing levels of responsibility and was a VP of clinical pharmacology. Gary is a member of AAPS and ASCPT and also is an adjunct professor at the University of New England, School of Pharmacy.

Geevarghese Easo, BS

VP, R&D Operations

Geevarghese Easo (“Gee”) is the VP R&D Operations at PraNa Biosciences. Gee received his Diploma and BS degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences in India from St. John’s College and Vivekananda College, respectively. Gee started his pharma industry career at Kali Laboratories in 2001 as a R&D Chemist focused on Analytical Sciences and contributed to the successful FDA filing and approval of several ANDAs. After the acquisition of Kali Labs by Par Pharmaceuticals in 2004, he continued his role with increasing responsibilities that also included Quality and Compliance. In 2009, Gee was affiliated with Sun Pharmaceuticals before moving to Ranbaxy Laboratories where he spent 6 years in the QA function responsible for regulatory compliance, product quality and data integrity. Gee has a passion for pharmaceutical problem solving using in the fast-paced entrepreneurial setting. In 2015, he decided to realize this dream by accepting the role of Head of R&D Operations at PraNa Biosciences. Under his leadership, PraNa has built a fit for purpose R&D lab carrying out product development activities that has resulted in several promising leads with improved in-vitro and in-vivo performance. Gee will continue to lead the R&D operations in support of product development for clinical studies, ultimately leading to commercial production via internal and outsourced channels.